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Doing a small charity things everyday we can achieve great results in a struggling with Russian aggression in Ukraine. Let's join team of HEROES to be stronger together in the fighting about world's democracy.
Ukraine forever

Donate to support Ukrainian Armed Forces to help in confront the enemy

Donate to help Ukrainian civilians people affected by war

Rebuild of Infrastructure

Donate for elimination of the consequences of Russian aggression

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Help Heroes Of Ukraine - it's a Charity Organization, founded on the next day after the Russians invade Ukraine, on Feb 25th 2022. Actually our organization was found is to provide intervention for the people of Ukraine during and after the war with Russia.


We will foster global partnerships through networking with other nonprofits, businesses, and food banks to enrich, support, and enhance the lives of these disadvantaged and marginalized individuals, children, families, and communities...


Our long term mission includes helping individuals, families, and communities in Ukraine, surrounding areas, and around the world with sustainable development projects, economic development projects, obtaining or restoring clean water and affordable energy, improved educational opportunities, cultural exchange, disaster relief, and humanitarian aid.


The organization is founded exclusively for charitable, religions, educational, cultural and scientific purposes. We will provide needed food and establish food banks and food distribution centers, shelter, access to medical care, clothing, and education for those displaced by this war. We will assist vulnerable families, women, children, handicapped people, and other nonprofit organizations and NGOs.

Help Heroes Of Ukraine INC NFP is a 501(c) (3) organization. Donations and gifts are deductible to the full extent allowable under IRS regulations. .

Each donation is vital in saving the lives of Ukrainians and in maintaining peace within our sovereign country.

Our Partners

We proud to represent our reliable partners who participate in support of Ukrainian Heroes and people.