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About Us

Help Heroes Of Ukraine - it's a Charity Organization, founded on the next day after the Russians invade Ukraine, on Feb 25th 2022. Actually our organization was found is to provide intervention for the people of Ukraine during and after the war with Russia, protective equipment for the civilians and military fighting for their country, and tangible assistance to struggling families, elderly, refugees, handicapped people and people in danger in all regions of Ukraine, as well as those in all countries taking in and assisting refugees.

By quality professional collaboration, people and organizations can reach more success in one direction and achieve higher peaks together. We will foster global partnerships through networking with other nonprofits, businesses, and food banks to enrich, support, and enhance the lives of these disadvantaged and marginalized individuals, children, families, and communities by providing access and funds for medical care, and to help people become emotionally, financially, and physically stable and safe.

Our long term mission includes helping individuals, families, and communities in Ukraine, surrounding areas, and around the world with sustainable development projects, economic development projects, obtaining or restoring clean water and affordable energy, improved educational opportunities, cultural exchange, disaster relief, and humanitarian aid.

The organization is founded exclusively for charitable, religions, educational, cultural and scientific purposes. We will provide needed food and establish food banks and food distribution centers, shelter, access to medical care, clothing, and education for those displaced by this war. We will assist vulnerable families, women, children, handicapped people, and other nonprofit organizations and NGOs.

Igor Terletsky

President of HHoU

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Each donation is an essential help which improves everyone's life

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our strengths.


Donation Info

We receive donations in the US form different instances, people and organizations and then buy and send need items to Ukraine.


How we work

We believe deeply in the enormous potential of dedicated volunteers around the world united by a single goal: to unlock the potential of Ukraine.


Possibility of help

We have an inspiring network of partners, volunteers, and donors that fuel our community, and consistently activate people in the United States and Ukraine to help Ukraine unlock its potential.


How we help

We initiates short and long-term projects, or collaborates on existing projects with partner organizations, which help Ukraine stay on the path of fostering democracy and prosperity.