Buy a bottle of wine and support Ukrainians - Help Heroes Of Ukraine | Ukrainian World Charity Foundation

The trademark KOLONIST and the Help Heroes Of Ukraine are launching a fundraising project for the Ukrainian defenders and their families.

Now, each of you has a unique opportunity to support Ukrainian wine producers – to purchase the 2022 harvest, which became limited due to the war. 

The Chardonnay label – the famous photo of the evacuation of children by volunteer Sergiy Nizhynskyi at the Romanian border “Porubne-Siret” in March 2022. The picture has two titles: “The Price of Freedom” and “The Road to the EU”. 

Let this label and this wine become memorable thanks to all donors who assisted, continue to support, and help Ukraine win on all fronts. Glory to the Ukrainian Heroes!   – said Alla and Ivan Plachkov, owners of Kolonist wine.

Some Lots signed by the Commander-in-Chief of the Valeryi Zaluzhnyi will be drawn in the USA at official charity events.


Separately, you can buy the limited series online here:


Proceeds from this product will be sent to the supporting families of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the guys in Bakhmut. Hurry up! This lot is a good gift for every family that will definitely uncork this wine after Ukraine’s victory!

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